our business

Automatic Windings manufacture custom wire wound components with a commitment to delivering improved services to our customers following our stated initiatives of Operational efficiency, Value engineering, and Lean manufacturing.

Operational efficiency

It is our policy to constantly monitor and review all productive and non-productive areas of our company‚s activity, acting on areas where improvement will lead to greater efficiency


All components manufactured have a computerised costing database. By constantly monitoring each operation and action we find that we are often able to reducing the time taken to perform the operation. This efficiency is reflected in lower costs the customer.

Value engineering
By working closely with design engineers, we are able to advise them of the most common used parts, and best methods of winding to help keep unit costs to a minimum.

If design engineers contact us with a footprint for the component, we will advise them which assemblies we use most and the best method of winding to keep their costs to a minimum. It is simpler to re jig a machine from winding one transformer to another if both are of the same type but have different windings. This saves set up times and improves efficiency, reducing costs.

Lean manufacturing
We employ lean manufacturing processes that maximize our delivery performance, minimising our material stock holding.

We have two customers who between them use six different types of RM12 transformers. Having calculated the total annual usage we place bulk orders on our suppliers. The orders commit our suppliers to retain a two month buffer stock, removing the burden of stockholding on us, achieving a better price break and reducing costs. Additionally it limits our commitment on purchasing reducing the liability for cancellation charges.