problem solving
Helping our customers with purchasing UK manufactured wire wound components, delivered on time and within budget.

At a meeting with one of our largest customers, we discovered that their demand could only be met by the larger companies in the Far East . However, they still needed to produce large quantities in the UK for a limited period, requiring us to almost double our entire production in order to meet their demand

We had a problem of finding additional people with the skills take on this temporary work at our busiest period of the year. Quite a challenge.

Our solution was to open an additional production facility in nearby Weymouth. A large coil winding company had recently ceased trading, providing us with the necessary skills for an immediate start. Within two weeks from the time of the meeting, production was in full swing and we were supplying our customer with sufficient components for their production line.

A customer facing reduced demand for its radar systems for a military application, was diversifying to the Marine Leisure industry. An engineer had been detailed to redesign the radar system and produce a more economical unit. We were to supply the transformers at a cost of Fifteen pounds each.

The problem was that with the military application, the parts had to be hugely over engineered because of the safety factors required,
(even the simplest of the current three transformers would have blown the entire budget).

We worked, together with our customer‚s engineers, to provide commercially viable windings that could be efficiently produced at the required price of fifteen pounds.

Over the last five years, we have improved our service by following our initiative of Lean manufacturing, Waste review and Value engineering new products, ensuring that, where possible, common materials are used. By doing so we have
reduced the price of these components by nearly fifty percent.